2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the NHS. A land mark that we at Unite want to celebrate throughout the year. As part of these celebrations we’ll be focusing on different professions that make up our membership. Our mental health nurse members, via the Mental Health Nurses Association (MHNA), have picked October as their month to celebrate, to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

It’s not just about the 70th year of the NHS however! Last year we talked to our members, mental health nurse non-members, students, educationalists, managers, service users, charities, parliamentarians and many others about the amazing profession that is mental health nursing, and how we can work to develop its future, promote the profession and highlight its work. A number of reviews and reports have said how important this work is and our members agree.

Therefore, we’re working on #MHnursingFuture and we want as many of you as possible to join in. As a start to this, we want to sign up supporters to the campaign. It’s early days but we want as many people as possible to help shape the campaign.

Supporters can be individuals, healthcare organisations, charities, groups and anyone else we’ve missed out.

If you’re an organisation/group, we’ll add you to our #MHnursingFuture website (so please send us a logo and details of your website and social media pages) which we will be setting up soon. If you’d like to sign up, email me.

How much does it cost to be a supporter?

Absolutely nothing! But we do want supporters to support and we’ll be in touch, with our suggestions on what you can do. You may have some great ideas too so let us know your thoughts and any plans you’d like to develop (especially for October 2018!).

Although there’s lots that we’ll be doing in 2018 to campaign about things that we’re concerned about at Unite in Health, this won’t be a part of #MHnursingFuture. This campaign is about celebrating and promoting the good bits. Unite the union is also affiliated to the Labour Party, however this isn’t just about one political party. We won’t limit our invitations to be involved.

Want to know more, sign up and/or tell us what you think? Email me.

A few examples of what we’re planning:

  • Social media resources from service users, carers, mental health nurses and others about the benefit mental health nurses bring and why people should consider becoming mental health nurses.
  • Our October/November Mental Health Nursing journal (#MHNjournal) will be a special edition focused on the last 70 years of mental health nursing. If you want to write an article, get in touch.
  • A free mental health nurse conference in London on either 2nd or 3rd October.
  • A free mental health nurse conference in Edinburgh on 31st October.
  • Resources from charities focused on how they can support the work that mental health nurses do and how mental health nurses can help them.
  • We’re supporting Nursing In Practice with 3 free conferences with specific mental health streams, in Glasgow, London and Birmingham, but we’ll be taking the #MHnursingFuture message to many more of their free events throughout 2018.

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